Municipal Law

Municipal Attorneys

The relationship between municipalities and the citizens and businesses that inhabit them is symbiotic—individuals and entities rely upon local government to maintain and protect public spaces, uphold laws, and set guidelines and restrictions. In turn, local governments rely upon the people and businesses that make up towns, cities and counties to uphold laws and revitalize communities through the development and patronage of local businesses.

Solomons Legal Services work with clients to achieve harmony and growth between residents and local governmental departments.

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Municipal Law and Procedures

It is often difficult to know where to begin when considering a significant project such as obtaining permission from a zoning board to begin a commercial project, or making sure your business does not violate any local ordinance. Solomons Legal Services work with clients to help them understand and stay within the bounds of local law as they pursue their domestic and business interests.

Having represented entities such as number of other municipalities, our municipal attorneys have acquired the knowledge and skill required to successfully assist clients in local government cases. Let us serve as local counsel in your matters involving the following:

  • Zoning Board Appearances
  • Land Use Planning
  • Ordinance Enforcement
  • Dedicating or Widening Streets and Highways
  • Government Contract and Purchase Matters
  • Government Personnel Disputes
  • Telephone and Communication Towers
  • Utilities