Post-Conviction Cases

Nothing is as precious as your freedom. If you have lost your freedom because you were wrongfully convicted of a crime, our lawyers may be able to help. We can file a motion for appropriate relief if you are a victim of:

  • Prosecutorial misconduct
  • Ineffective assistance of trial counsel
  • Judicial bias
  • Perjury by a defense witness
  • Jury misconduct

We can also file a motion for appropriate relief if you have been given an unreasonably long prison sentence.

Our attorneys regularly work with three private investigators, including a former FBI agent with more than 20 years of experience, to find out if there were mistakes in your original trial or misconduct that could result in overturning your conviction or winning you a new trial. We can also uncover evidence that result in a reduction of your sentence.

In one case, we won the freedom of a man in Duval County who had been convicted of several felonies. After investigating the case, we filed a motion for appropriate relief and were able to get the conviction overturned.

If you are currently in prison, we will visit you in prison and evaluate your case for a reasonable fee.

Clemency Hearings

Even if you have exhausted your chances for an appeal, our lawyers may be able to seek clemency, which is an appeal for mercy. Our lawyers have appeared before the governor on clemency hearings for both capital murder and non-capital offenses.


If you have been convicted of a minor criminal charge and want your record cleared, our attorneys can seek an expungement of your record. If your record is expunged, you can answer “no” if you are asked on a job application whether you have been convicted of a crime.